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Responsive Website Design For Increased Customers

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There has been a paradigm shift in the browsing habit of individuals on the internet due to the advent of high end and smart mobile devices which has prompted businesses to look for quality responsive design. Statistics reveal that by 2015, mobile responsive website will overtake desktop responsive website design in a big way. This has prompted clients to ask for the most professional responsive design for their websites which goes on to support multiple screen size and multiple screen resolutions. It means that your website design would be perfectly compatible to desktops, laptops as well as mobile devices.

Screen resolution is one of the most vital elements of website design which needs to be kept in mind while designing a highly responsive website. Conventionally, a webpage or a website is built exclusively for a desktop but when the same website is seen on a mobile device, the alignment and resolution seems to alter or differ. This is where a responsive website design comes into play as companies are exclusively looking for such high end responsive design when it comes to designing a professional business portal with all the basic elements and features intact. Responsive design actually refers to a web page which can adjust itself accordingly to different screen size and across multiple devices, be it desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

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Our Approach - Understanding Technology & Psychology

Understanding the present psychology of humans in relation to the latest gizmos & gadgets and also regarding web search patterns via the latest mobile devices and thereafter devising the best technology for them is somewhat an intelligent move on the part of any professional WebWorks LLC company. Individuals who possess smart gadgets / mobiles and go for surfing the web over it actually looks for the most essential thing that registers most tellingly on their senses. In other words, web page features that that attracts them instantly, such as 'shopping cart' or the actual 'sales pitch'.

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When surfing the internet on any mobile device the best part about the website should show prominently so as to provide a customer / user with a clear understanding of the product or service and thereby the actual purchase online. If these things are kept in mind while designing a responsive website design, it is surely going to bring in additional revenue for the company. The crux of the matter is, responsive website design should deliver the most important message about the company to a visitor surfing the web via his / her mobile device.

Now coming to the technology aspect about it, we have some of the most proficient and experienced responsive designers who are experts in highly adaptive designs. Our designers and coders have the best of technical skills and expertise in HTML5 and CSS3. Our designers specialize in progressive enhancement wherein when a visitor opens a site on bigger screens such as desktops or laptops, all the basic features are visible whereas when the visitor opens a site on a smaller device such as iPhone or iPad, the website will only display the essential content and the core elements. Our design parameters are very flexible and goes on smoothly to adjust to any screen size. We always strive for improving user experience on a PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone and on every other platform through our dedicated and professional approach.

So, if you are looking for a smart responsive design for your website, you can definitely call us anytime or shoot a mail and we would be more than happy to answer your queries in a most descriptive manner.

Some Advantages Of A Responsive Website

  • Navigation turns smaller with the menu buttonadvantage 1
  • All images resizes to the width of the deviceadvantage 2
  • Texts fits beautifully in the mobile/tablet widthadvantage 3
  • Footer arrange themselves one under the otheradvantage 4

At Website Design Company, we offer our clients a complete range of mobile friendly responsive website design since a considerable number of individuals have access to smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Our team is aware of the fact that apart from having a great admin panel and superb functional aspect, Responsive allows you to gain access to multiple other design features. They put the best efforts to utilize every possible feature to improvise your online store's performance.
Responsive website appears with a promise to render amazing browsing experience with more ease of navigation. The website content is readable on various screens as the website automatically adapts itself according to the user screen interface i.e. portrait / landscape.

Responsive WebWorks LLC Testing
Multiple Browsers Utilized During Development

cross browser compatible
During the testing phase of a responsive website design we utilize and take the help of various internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer ( not supported prior to Internet Explorer 9 ), Opera to test our design compatibility and adaptability to all said browsers. This help us design websites that open in a perfect manner in all available internet browsers with the best screen resolution and size. This ensures perfection and precision which is both required in creating a professional business website with all the said functionality and features. This is what we have been doing for years satisfying our clients.
Our Responsive websitse start from $250